Empowering the Youth: Kekeli University Set To Offers Free Training in Graphic Design, Video Editing, Blogging, and Content Creation to (2) Million Senior High School Students About us - Kekeli University
Welcome to Kekeli University, an online platform for self-learning and one on one teaching.

About us

 Welcome to Kekeli University, your premier destination for online training and personalized one-on-one instruction in IT and media studies. At Kekeli, we specialize in empowering our students to not only master their chosen courses but also to leverage their newfound skills for entrepreneurial endeavors or career advancement.

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur looking to launch your own digital media agency or a professional seeking to enhance your skill set for career growth, Kekeli University equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

But we don't stop at education. At Kekeli, we believe in putting our expertise to work for others. In addition to our educational programs, we offer a range of services based on the courses we provide, ensuring that individuals and businesses alike can benefit from our expertise.

Join us at Kekeli University and embark on a journey of learning, innovation, and success. Unlock your potential and seize the opportunities of the digital age with us.


Educating the human race with modern-day Knowledge


We aim to provide a holistic education in an environment that seeks to bring out each student's potential to the fullest; develop in each strong moral character, imbued with Divine values & principles and to guide and prepare students to become leaders for the greater good and service to others.

We offer Course in: 

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Camera Handling


Blogging /Content Creation

Drone Flying

Online Radio and Tv set Up

Live Streaming (MRC Operation)

Social Media Management

Online Monetisation

Digital Marketing

Online Advertising

Cyber Security

No Code App Development

Website Designing

Stream Farming / Third Party Followers Boosting

Live Stream Boosting

Digital Frames Design

Wallpaper Installations

Travel and Tour  

We also train individuals and organisation on how to do the following:

Liquid Soap, Shower Gel, Body Cream, Bleach, Antiseptic, Floor Perfume Cleaner, Scrubbing Detergent, Brown Sugar, Yoghurt,Beaded Slippers, Bar Washing Soap, Bathing Cake Soaps, Body Spray, Facial Soap, Facial Cream, Oil Perfume, Hair Growth Food, Hair Growth Oil, Cocoa Butter Body Cream, Washing Powder, Gentian Violet, Methylated Spirit, Rubbing Alcohol, Stretch Marks Oil, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Vaseline, Pain Relief Ointment, Skin Glow Black Soap, Tassel Earrings, Baby Products, After Wash (Fabric Softener), Scented Candle, Lip Balm, Liquid Laundry Detergent , Air Freshener and many more products

Payment Methods: 

1. Direct Cash to CEO
2. Mobile Money ( +233552568466)
3. Bank Account Deposit : Account Number : 2100925532212  Name: Emmanuel Kekeli Serwonu (Maamobi Branch)