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4 Free search engine optimization (SEO) Tips course with videos

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a set of techniques used by web developers and digital marketers to rank the website to the top spots on search engines like Google. 

Almost every business has a website today, so if you have created your own website and hosted it on a hosting server, then the next thing you want to do is to let the people know that you have a website and find a way to get people to your website. You can advertise your website by telling your friends and family to visit it but that may not bring much traffic to your website, so one of the top ways in which webmasters bring traffic to their website is with the help of SEO now, for example, if you search for the term WordPress theme development on Google you get these search results. 

4 Free search engine optimization (SEO) Tips course with videos

We are talking about Google because Google is dominating the search engine space as of today, so here we can see these search results. Now, just imagine which links will you click when you see this most probably one of the first three links if you don't find something you're searching for in the first three results, then you were just scrolling down and take a look at some of the other links on the first page of the results. How often do you think that you would go to the second page of the results, a really small percentage of visitors go to the next pages in the search results. In fact more than 90% of the people just stay on the first page of the search results, so the job of an SEO expert is to make sure that your website ranks for a specific keyword on the first page of Google results. 

Search engines, like Google use different complex algorithms to arrange the search results in the most relevant order for the visitor and almost all the time the user gets what he was searching for on the first page itself. Now these algorithms are kept a secret by Google that is because if someone knows the exact algorithm of how Google ranks a website, then he can optimize his website in such a way that the website will always rank for a particular keyword on the first sport, even though these algorithms are kept as secret, there's a lot of information available online which can give you a hint of what are the things that Google is looking for in a website. 

One of the main factors that Google looks at is called backlinks. Backlinks are basically how many different websites link to your website. The number of high-quality backlinks also plays a critical role in ranking. Keyword density was the most important factor for ranking a website by search engines earlier, but later it was found out that an article with a higher density of keyword did not mean that it was the most relevant for a particular term but having a fair amount of keywords is necessary for your website ranking as well.

And there are other factors like the responsiveness of your website. How will you have written your title and the loading speed of your website and so on. Basically whenever someone searches for something and clicks on your website. You should make sure that he stays on your website longer if there are enough users who search for something land on your website and then click on the back button immediately, then Google knows that the people who search for that particular keyword don't like your website, so it lowers the ranking of your website for that particular keyword, so SEO is one of the most important things that you should spend your time on after creating your website. 

Now, let's see, what are the benefits of using SEO. SEO helps you to get targeted traffic for keywords that you want. All the visitors that come to your website from a search engine has a particular problem to solve and so if you give them the solution for their problem, then they will love your website and share it with others.

Websites that rank on search engines like Google are considered to be credible and trusted. People trust Google. They know that Google won't let an untrusted site ranked in the search engine, so if you apply an SEO on your website, you can earn some credibility for your website. Traffic that you get with SEO is more likely to have a better conversion rate people that are searching for a specific keyword are the ones that land on your website, since the visitor is interested in your product, he is more likely to become a customer. 

SEO can actually increase the social media followers that you have as more and more people visit your website, they are more likely to click on your social media icons and follow you. SEO can help you provide better user experience for the visitor that is because if you want to rank on #Google, you have to make your website load fast.