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Shortcuts and Automation on iOS

Surely many people have used shortcuts on iOS such as Download videos, Download photos ... actually, shortcuts do more than that. It is quite great for iOS users , Shortcut and Automation on iOS can interfere very deeply into the system that many times the application cannot do.
If anyone has ever used IFTTT (short for If This Then That), the shortcut is almost the same.

SHORTCUT can request http data from the api ( get/post/put… is fine) and then parse json to get the value. This part alone can do a lot of things with it and then for example, I can make a SHORTCUT report about the lottery results, or get the electricity indicator and notify it through a notification.
SHORTCUT can access media, location and many other system services of iOS, you can send messages, make calls.. which external apps cannot interfere.
In addition, you can command siri to run 1 SHORTCUT (one tip is that you change the keyboard language to English when naming SHORTCUT and click on the mic image then speak Vietnamese normally, siri will switch to English in this way. understand it, later when you give Vietnamese commands it will call that SHORTCUT )
There is so much more that SHORTCUT can do for you to explore.
AUTOMATION (automation)

This is a feature that helps you schedule to run a SHORTCUT, for example: you schedule 6:30 pm to get lottery results data and notify via notification. Or when you leave the house, run a SHORTCUT to help turn off the electrical equipment in the house, or when you turn off the alarm to notify about the summary information of the day... If you combine a little processing with 1 server, you completely have It is possible to create an assistant without writing an app.

These are some of the things I learned about SHORTCUT and AUTOMATION on iOS that many people miss, and you can learn more about how to create them on Youtube. Those of you who have done something with SHORTCUT and AUTOMATION can share for everyone to understand more deeply!