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5 Free Accurate Website Speed ​​Test Sites

 About the  website speed test  , it is very simple, just type a few words and it will be full on google. But do you think those websites have complete and accurate parameters?

Here are 5 accurate website speed test sites for free


I personally use a lot of websites here to test the speed of the website , because each website always has its own analysis and different characteristics, in order to support the website to be standard.

1. LoadImpact

One of my favorite free website speed testing tools is LoadImpact . The reason I like it is because it supports speed testing in many different countries, which is very beneficial if you are using an international host.

Its test method not only sends queries and records the load time, but it will send several dozen virtual visits to the website at the same time so you can check exactly if the speed is severely restricted or not. if there are many concurrent users.

It also gives very detailed statistics about the amount of bandwidth allowed to send (such as 1mb/s) so you can assess how much bandwidth the provider really allows.

2. GTMetrix

If I ever need to check which files take the longest to load on my website to optimize it, the tool I need to use is GTMetrix . It is a website optimization tool that includes statistics on the average speed of your website, currently it only supports testing on 2 countries that are the US and Canada.

Here, it will return statistics of what your optimal score is and list which parts you need to optimize. However, I only use it for the purpose of seeing which files take the longest to load to remove or optimize, but the Page Speed ​​or YSlow score I think it doesn't tell the true speed of the visitor.

3. PingDoom Tool

PingDom also has the same function as GTMetrix , which is to test the speed of the website in two countries, the US and the Netherlands, and at the same time provide detailed statistics on the optimization capabilities of each component of the website such as which file is the heaviest, Which files take the longest to load so you can re-optimize.

4. WebPageTest

Sometimes I will need to test the website speed in many different countries and want to check the website speed of the uncached and cached version, then I will use the WebPageTest tool .

Its function is the same as PingDom but will support more countries, and it will automatically check the website 2 times corresponding to the uncached and cached version so you know if there is a web cache you will shoot. how.

5. Dotcom Monitor

This is a pretty simple website speed test tool but very useful if you just need to see what the speed is, the reason why I included it here is that it supports you to test on 15 different servers in every continent. Green.


The tools above (except Google Pagespeed Insight ) are used quite often by me and almost all are used in parallel, not just a single tool, because its functions may be different. much less.